If you must miss a lesson, you may call another student on the schedule and arrange to switch times with them.
Both students swapping lesson times must send a text, email or leave a voice mail for Miss Danette with that information.
You may email or call/text 713-542-5428 anytime, 24 hours a day.

Monday – in person or online
5:30pm – Group Class
7:00pm – Harrison Po

Tuesday – in person or online
10:00am – Dolce Babies Class – online only
5:00pm – Jessa Flake
5:30pm – Dallin Flake
6:00pm – Cameron Flake
6:30pm – Luke Flake
7:00pm – Natalie Johnson

Wednesday – in person or online
3:30pm – William Smith
4:00pm – 
5:00pm – Dannara Eilerts
6:00pm – Zehra Ekmen

Thursday – in person or online
3:00pm – Sofia Abdulhameed
3:30pm – Layla Abdulhameed
4:00pm – Russell Garbarino
4:45pm – 
6:15pm – Hannah Legreid
6:45pm – Sasha Sydora

Click here for a printable schedule

Contact information:

Abdulhameed, Layla & Sofia – Martha Lisle 713-213-6668
Cook, Sophia – Mamie Morlacci-Cook 713-301-5624
Ekmen, Zehra – Semra Oz-Ekmen 832-286-3792
Eilerts, Dannara – Brent Eilerts 832-527-5151, Dzhamilya Eilerts 713-876-7697
Flake, Dallin, Cameron, Luke & Jessa – Meredith Flake 623-238-1268  Darin Flake 806-445-4017
Garbarino, Russell – Sarah Garbarino 832-451-7754
Hance, Willa – Lydia Hance 214-924-1048  Jonathon Hance 817-705-0942
Legreid, Hannah – Katherine Legreid 713-208-7637  Dan Legreid 346-368-3195
Johnson, Natalie – Kelsey Johnson 979-595-7571  DeAndre Johnson 979-595-7570
Po, Harrison – Grace Po 832-766-5640
Smith, William – Margaret Smith 713-907-2863
Sydora, Sasha – Orson Sydora 832-529-8500  Nyla Ismail Sydora 713-634-8298

-No make-ups are given for lessons, group classes, master classes, or events missed by students for any reason and please do not ask for exceptions.
-Student absences cannot be credited or refunded. “No shows” will not be rescheduled or refunded.
-If you must miss a lesson or class, please call, email, or text as soon as possible. We will worry about your safety if you do not show up. 
-Do not attend lessons when ill. Students and parents attending in-person lessons when ill will be sent home immediately. This decision will be at the discretion of the teacher. No makeup lessons will be given in this situation. Please remember, learning does not happen when you or your child is sick, and it is not a good experience for your child. Please do not pass on contagious illnesses to us and all the other students and families in the Academy. The health and safety of everyone is of primary importance.
-Zoom is always an option for your private lesson or group class. If you are normally in-person, please send a text and let Miss Danette know you will be online that day.